OBDLink OBD-2 Scan Tool (425101)

OBDLink OBD-2 Scan Tool (425101)

  • OBDLink ships with the free OBDwiz diagnostic software
  • OBDLink is compatible with all diagnostic software written for the ELM327-based interfaces
  • This is currently the only scan tool on the market that offers a Bluetooth option with a range up to 100 m/330 ft, in addition to the built-in USB interface (+.95 for Bluetooth option)
  • OBDLink supports all OBD-2 compliant vehicles
  • Turn off Check Engine Light, Read and Erase Trouble Codes, Display 60+ Real-Time Parameters

OBDLink is our latest, most advanced PC-based scan tool that supports all OBD-2 compliant vehicles. Use it to convert your laptop, netbook, or desktop PC into a sophisticated, easy to use diagnostic system, for a small fraction of the cost of comparable standalone units! The package includes everything you need to diagnose your vehicle’s problems.

The free feature-packed OBDwiz (http://www.scantool.net/obdwiz/) diagnostic software included with the scan tool allows you to:

* Turn off check en

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  1. A. Westner says:

    Review by A. Westner for OBDLink OBD-2 Scan Tool (425101)
    The product delivers what it promises. It easily installed in Windows XP-Pro and Vista. It is by far better than many more expensive hand-held scanners.

    The included software is very basic though. I was impressed with their ad for the optional software that included real-time data logging and graphing. If there were a rating for this software, I would give it the lowest mark. It is extremely cumbersome and most features don’t work in real-time. Maybe because Scan Tool is very slow, using the ISO protocol, which my Nissan uses to communicate with the Scan Tool. I understand that it is much faster in cars using the CAN OBD communication protocol.

  2. B. Hayes says:

    Review by B. Hayes for OBDLink OBD-2 Scan Tool (425101)
    I’ve got four Chevy’s from 2001 to 2008. Bought the OBDLink and ScanTool so I could work on them without having to go to a garage to read/clear diag codes. I’m pleased with the product. I use it with bluetooth for convenience… works ok.

  3. R. rochester says:

    Review by R. rochester for OBDLink OBD-2 Scan Tool (425101)
    This tool is great, I have already fixed a 6 cars with this tool.

    One car, the Mechanics were ready to have it towed to the junk

    yard. Keep up the research, I bought the professional level software

    and it payed off for me.

  4. Jeffrey B. Stewart says:

    Review by Jeffrey B. Stewart for OBDLink OBD-2 Scan Tool (425101)
    I ordered this to diagnose and clear a check engine light on my vehicle. I got a mechanic to do that before this showed up, however. The good news is I believe I’m well positioned to do what I wanted to do the next time it happened.

    The bad news is the install disk that came with the software wasn’t very helpful. I have a windows 7 64 bit laptop. The driver setup that came on the disk didn’t work. Of course, it didn’t say it didn’t work. But it didn’t.

    If you find yourself in that situation, the D2xx drivers at (…) are the ones you need to make this product communicate with Windows 7 64 bit.

    Once that was out of the way the product worked as advertised. It was able to show me the trouble codes (there aren’t any, so I can’t comment on its ability to clear them, but it’s supposed to be able to do that, too.). It could show me instantaneous RPMs and fuel consumption and plot those over time. A very basic software package, though much better ones are available.

    So then I tried to connect to the device over bluetooth. If you check the manufacturer’s specs for this device, it has a “bluetooth option”. It wasn’t clear to me whether this device had it or not. It appears to not have bluetooth. When just connected to OBDII, the status LED does light up (red), but it’s not discoverable over bluetooth. Too bad, that would have been nice.

    So, overall it seems to do what it says it does, but you need significant expertise to set it up, and the platform requirements are not clearly stated in any literature for this product. Driver updates are not available from the manufacturer. I had to dig through the install disk to infer what USB -> serial chipset was in use and get the drivers myself. Boo.

  5. J. Blaquiere says:

    Review by J. Blaquiere for OBDLink OBD-2 Scan Tool (425101)
    how does this interface with vehicle?what is supplied with unit(cables etc)and anything else to buy to run diagnostics?