Actron CP9180 AutoScanner Plus Review

Actron CP9180 AutoScanner Plus Review

Do I really need the Actron CP9180 OBD II AutoScanner? This is a question some may ask as they skim catalogues of auto accessories and devices. If the consumer is someone that takes the operation of a vehicle serious, the answer is yes. This is most certainly an important piece of electronic equipment to own.

For some drivers, a car only serves the purpose of going from one place to another. But, what if you use your car for business purposes? If so, you need to make sure it’s always in good running order. Family routines can be just as important, and you need to keep your car in top shape to get everyone where they need to go. But, we all know that cars break down. And when they do, we need to get them fixed asap and fast.

This is why a device like the Actron CP9180 OBD II AutoScanner is so important. It can identify key diagnostic issues with your car when it begins to malfunction, giving you valuable information so that you can get your car fixed and back on the road in no time.

This device works in a fairly straightforward manner. It simply interfaces with your car’s internal computer, and provides you with a report of “trouble codes” that let you know what the problems are. This lets you identify the trouble quickly, so that you can avoid paying the high cost of diagnosis that most auto repair shops charge.

The way this apparatus works is rather simple. It scans and reads your vehicle’s internal computer and then reports on what it has discovered. It will then be presented with “trouble codes” that are indicative of the problem. In short, you will have ID’ed the problem without having to take the car into a (costly) repair shop and invest money on the diagnosis of the problem.

Of course, there is also the added benefit of increased preventive maintenance with this little device. That is, you do not have to wait for the car to break down prior to running a diagnostic check. Instead, you could periodically run the scanner and see if any vital information turns up. If a problem with the vehicle is revealed, you can then take the next appropriate steps. Best of all, you can take these steps before a dramatic or disparaging event occurs. Yes, the preventive maintenance benefit of this device truly is an amazing help.

But, surely, such a device must be difficult to use. And wouldn’t the connection of this device to a PC be complex? Actually, the Actron CP9180 OBD II AutoScanner plugs right into your PC with very little hassle. It is a user friendly system and even someone that is a relative novice can operate it. So, do not assume you have to be a tech wizard in order to gain the most benefit from it. The manufacturers understand the need for a simple to operate device and that is what they have provided.

Wouldn’t you like to be in charge of your own destiny when it comes to car repairs? Of course you would, and the Actron CP9180 OBD II AutoScanner lets you identify problems and solve them quickly, saving you lots of worry, hassle, and headache. You’ll soon see that this device is worth its weight in gold, and it will keep you in control to keep your car on the road and going strong.

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Actron CP9185 Elite AutoScanner Diagnostic Code Scanner

  • Designed to read, record, and review LIVE engine data
  • Displays graphing data on screen and is updateable online
  • Reads as well as erases generic and manufacturer specific DTCs and definitions
  • Updateable via the internet
  • Battery powered for review of vehicle data off vehicle

Actron CP9185 Elite AutoScanner Diagnostic Code Scanner is designed to read, record, and review LIVE engine data. It reads as well as erases generic and manufacturer specific DTCs and definitions. This scanner is compatible with all vehicles and is upgradeable to domestic OBD I vehicle coverage. It displays graphing data on screen and is updateable online.The CP9185 Elite Autoscanner from Actron, a leading manufacturer of automotive diagnostic tools, has the upgrades customers asked for. This f

Rating: (out of 16 reviews)

Question by Unclebernie: Which automotive repair scan tool to buy?
I’m looking to buy a new or used automotive scan tool (not a code reader). I currently have AUTOTAP which is a fairly nice OBD-II PC based scanner but it is unidirectional (read only). I’m prepared to spend up to K for a bidirectional scan tool that will cover all OBD-II models- doesn’t have to cover OBD-I but would be nice.
The problem is I’m having a hella-hard time finding information, reviews, etc on all the choices. Should I buy a MAC Mentor or a Nemesys? Why or why not?

Thanks. In advance, I’d like to try and filter out as many MORONS and IDIOTS as possible because it seems this website is absolutely filled to capacity with people who have no idea what they are talking about. If you aren’t an auto tech, if you have never used a scan tool, are 16yrs old, or if your dad works at dealer then MOVE ON and let someone who actually knows what they are talking about answer the question.
Any personal recommendations supported by links to more information would be great.
Bobweb, you idiot, didn’t I JUST SAY that I wanted a BIDIRECTIONAL SCAN TOOL??? Autoxray is unidirectional.
Gosh. Idiots. This is EXACTLY why I only want people who know what they are talking about to answer.

Best answer:

Answer by bobweb
AutoXray is CAN compatible for the newer cars.

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  1. R. Penny says:

    Review by R. Penny for Actron CP9185 Elite AutoScanner Diagnostic Code Scanner
    The CP9185 works exactly as expected with one exception. It does accurately provide the diagnostic codes for trouble-shooting and will clear (turn-off) the “Repair Soon” light if you wish. It seems to have an extensive built-in database that allows it to recognize most vehicles – both domestic and imported. The operation of the unit is straight-forward and simple. However, the internal database on the unit I received contains data only through model year 2002. Vehicles manufactured after that date would have required an update to the built-in database. Updating over the internet is one of the features that attracted me to this unit. The problem occurred when I tried to install the PC drivers that would allow the unit to communicate with my computer – something that is necessary to perform an on-line update. The drivers provided with the unit simply would not work – i.e., the PC would not recognize the drivers on the supplied CD as valid drivers for my CP9185. I am very familiar with computers and installing drivers for a unit like this is straight forward. I contacted technical support (in fact I spoke with them about 4 times) to try to work through the problem. Technical support personnel were friendly and responsive – I have only the highest praise for them – but they were unable to solve the problem. They finally told me that it appeared the CP9185 itself was defective in that it was probably identifying itself incorrectly to the PC – even though the unit appeared to work fine in every other respect. I have shipped the unit back for repair (my expense) and am told it will take 4-6 weeks for repairs to be completed. If it had not been for this problem, I would have rated the CP9185 as a full 5 stars. If and when the unit is returned to me in working order, I will update this review.

    UPDATE – The unit did come back from the repair shop after about 2 months with a note stating that the unit had checked out as working correctly and there was nothing for them to fix. The repair shop note did not elaborate and there is no indication that they had ever tried to connect it to a PC despite that fact that I had included a very specific description of my problem. As far as I know, they simply checked the unit for stand-alone functioning. Of course, there is never any way to talk directly to the technician that did the work. Needless to say this is not the result I had hoped for. I have effectively given up and decided that I will have to live with a tester that cannot be updated. Clearly, this quite severely limits its usefulness in future years.

  2. Steve-D says:

    Review by Steve-D for Actron CP9185 Elite AutoScanner Diagnostic Code Scanner
    The Actron p-9185 worked good when I first received it. But it always showed a low battery reading. The device came with an usb cable to do updates. When I tried to do the update with the software they provided with the device it went blank and would not turn on anymore. Now it is in the repair-shop to be fixed with the only explanation that my anti-virus may have caused this problem. With unsuccessful e-mails and phone calls to the repair shop I finally found out that they were three weeks behind in repairs. I still don’t know when I’m getting it back.

  3. M. Vacek says:

    Review by M. Vacek for Actron CP9185 Elite AutoScanner Diagnostic Code Scanner
    I previously used an Auto Xray for pre 96 vehicles. The newer AutoXray and Actron are very comparable scanners but after calling the companies and researching I decided to go with the Actron because 1)Actron came with a usb hook up for computer link(AX needs an adapter for serial cable) 2)Liked the graph features 3)Better instructions 4)More info in the scanner on codes. Since I already had a capable scanner for the old vehicles I went with the 9185 to save a few bucks off of the 9190. The scanner did prove to be simple to use but can be hazardous if your looking at the live data while driving. A good scanner for the money.

  4. William P. Barth says:

    Review by William P. Barth for Actron CP9185 Elite AutoScanner Diagnostic Code Scanner

    Actron CP9185 Elite Autoscanner Diagnostic Code Scanner With Live Read, Record and Playback Capability For OBDI and OBDII (Post-1996) Vehicles

    This tool reqires very little training,you can pretty much use it without instructions,however you might want to upgrade the software off of the internet.I tested my Toyota truck and everything is good,I was worried about the sensors not functioning correctly.

    Well I’m back and it seems everyone wants to know what is wrong with their vehicle whenever they see their instrument panel light on.I check it out and tell them what it is .Just look the code up on the internet.Simple as that ,loose gas cap ,mas air flow sensor : save some good cash.

  5. Adrian Bailey says:

    Review by Adrian Bailey for Actron CP9185 Elite AutoScanner Diagnostic Code Scanner
    Bought the CP9185 Autoscanner. Pluged it into my 2001 Tacoma and read the codes. Looked up what to do to repair the codes. Did it and then reread the codes and they were gone. Great tool to let you know what is going on with your vehicle. Gives you a chance to fix things your self, saving you big bucks. Haven’t had the scanner real long and do not know how to use all the features yet, but would recommend it to anyone wanting to know what their codes are. It was very easy to use. You have to have a computer so you can print out the operations manual.

  6. Delphi says:

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  7. scott h says:

    I personally have a genisys which is a pretty good tool for the price.If your looking for a good asian & domestic tool I bought it from a eBay store USA toolwarehouse.They have very good prices.If your looking for for a euro. tool at a cheap price look into a launch x431